Cup Warmer - JVCW-427-GN

Cup Warmer - JVCW-427-GN

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Product:     Cup Warmer - JVCW-427-GN
Weight:     300.00g
Dimensions (L x W x H):     175.00mm x 120.00mm x 95.00mm

This is an energy efficient appliance, designed for any of today's coffee, tea, and other beverages. 

This product is made for those who want their brew kept "hot to the last minute". 

Modern technology allows you to keep the food on the warmer at just the right temperature all day.

Appliance can also be used to keep other products warm such as instant soup.

Eliminates cold coffee, tea, and soups economically.

You will have less waste by not having a cold food product when you want to drink.

It works well with your favourite cup or can and will extend your "snack time" almost all day.

* Temperature controlled aluminium heating surface.

* Use AC Electricity. - 220V-230V AC ~ 50Hz 23W

* Constant temperature 60℃

Note warning comments:

  • Always unplug this warmer after using or before cleaning.
  • Do not wash in or drop into water .
  • Do not leave appliance unattended when in operation.
  • To avoid burn hazard do not let heated surface touch bare skin.
  • This product is intended for ceramic cup, mug, metal can or dish only, not for plastic or Styrofoam.
  • Not recommended to be used by children without parental supervision.

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