DM-100 Double Sampling Keyboard

DM-100 Double Sampling Keyboard

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Double Sampling Keyboard - DM-100

Upper; 32 mini keys, Lower: 49 mini keys


Model: DM-100
Number of keys: Upper; 32 mini keys, Lower: 49 mini keys
Polyphonic: Upper; 4-note polyphonic, Lower; 10-note polyphonic
Preset tones: Upper; 8
(Piano, Vibraphone, Pipe organ, Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar)
Lower: 20
(Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Jazz organ, Pipe organ, Brass-ens, Flute, Chorus,
Bells, Per-cussion, Elec piano, Funky clavi, Jazz guitar, Organ, Accordion, Strings,
Synth-reed, Metallic sound, Synth0ens, Bass (Wood bass/Slap bass))
Sampling Tones: Upper: 4
Tone bank sounds: Lower: 210
Auto-rhythm: 20;
Rock 1-2, 8 beat 1-2, 16 beat 1-2, Disco 1-2, Pops 1-2, Slow rock 1-2, Swing, Samba,
Bossa nova, Waltz, Beggae, Tango, Beguine, March
Rhythm source: 49 PCM rhythm sources
Auto-accompaniment function: Lower; Casio Chord on fingered 1/fingered 2
Sampling rate Upper; 9.38 kHz 8bit
Sampling time: Upper; 0.7-second sampling (x4) 1.4-second sampling (x2)
Sample tune: Upper; ±1 octave
Effects: Upper; Reverse, Loop , Envelope x 6
Built-in effect: Stereo delay, Stereo panning
Terminals: Line out: L/R [Output impedance 2.2 KΩ Output voltage 600 mV (RMS) MAX], headphone jack,
Line in/Sampling [input impedance: 100 kΩ Input sensitivity 100 mV], AC adaptor jack (DC 9V)
Tuning control: Upper; A4 - 442 Hz ±30 cents,     Lower; A4 - 442 Hz ±30 cents
Built-in speakers: 10 cm dia x 2
Auto power off function: approximately 6 minutes after last operation
Power source: 3-way AC/DC power source;
  • AC: 100, 117, 220, 240 V (±10 V), 50/60 Hz, with optional AD-5 AC adaptor
  • DC: 6 D size (SUM-1/R20P) manganese dry batteries
    Battery life: Approximately 7 hours
  • Car battery: Requires optional CA-5 car adaptor
Power consumption: 7 W
Dimensions: 765(W) x 319(D) x 85(H)mm
Weight: 4.5 Kg (10 lbs) including batteries
Standard accessories: 6 "D" size batteries

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