DM-100 32-Keys/49-Keys Double-Decker Sampling Keyboard

DM-100 32-Keys/49-Keys Double-Decker Sampling Keyboard

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CASIO DM-100 32-Keys/49-Keys Double-Decker Synthesizer Sampling Keyboard (BRAND NEW)

We are selling this super rare Casio DM-100 dobule decker sampling keyboard made in Japan in 1987!

It’s the big sister of the Casio SK-1! In the world of Casio, there are a few holy grails - and this is among the holiest!


The Casio DM-100 is one of the best of the Casio Sampling Keyboard ever! It’s a Casio synth universally loved for its funky fat drum sounds and selection of authentic voices.

The bottom keyboard is a fairly typical Casio of the late 80's; 12-bit PCM sounds, instruments pan wildly between speakers for fakey stereo, automated chords, etc. The upper keyboard is like an Casio SK sampler. And have 4 sample banks, each 0.7sec or 2 banks at 1.4secs.

The sampler has some amplitud/loop/reverse effects also. Sounds awful, which makes it charmfull! Lot of cool sounds - guitar, brass, xylophone, oboe, etc. This baby has great chord and drum accompaniment as well and features separate volumes balance knob for accompaniment and melody line. Tone memory, drum fills, vibrato, sustain, octave down switch!


Upper Level Features

• 32 mini keys

• 4-note polyphonic

• 8 preset tones

• 4 sampling tones

Lower Level Features

• 49 mini keys

• 10-note polyphonic

• 20 preset tones

• 210 sound tone bank

Other Features

• 20 Auto-rhythms

• Stereo built-in speakers

• Auto power off function

• Line out L/R

• Line in/sampling input

• Tuning knobs

• Special sampling effects

• Separate volume controls for upper, lower, and accompaniment

This is your chance to get your hands on a truly legendary sampling keyboard synth keyboard!




Number of keys:

Upper; 32 mini keys, Lower: 49 mini keys


Upper; 4-note polyphonic, Lower; 10-note polyphonic

Preset tones:

Upper; 8
(Piano, Vibraphone, Pipe organ, Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar)
Lower: 20
(Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Jazz organ, Pipe organ, Brass-ens, Flute, Chorus,
Bells, Per-cussion, Elec piano, Funky clavi, Jazz guitar, Organ, Accordion, Strings,
Synth-reed, Metallic sound, Synth0ens, Bass (Wood bass/Slap bass))

Sampling Tones:

Upper: 4

Tone bank sounds:

Lower: 210


Rock 1-2, 8 beat 1-2, 16 beat 1-2, Disco 1-2, Pops 1-2, Slow rock 1-2, Swing, Samba,
Bossa nova, Waltz, Beggae, Tango, Beguine, March

Rhythm source:

49 PCM rhythm sources

Auto-accompaniment function:

Lower; Casio Chord on fingered 1/fingered 2

Sampling rate

Upper; 9.38 kHz 8bit

Sampling time:

Upper; 0.7-second sampling (x4) 1.4-second sampling (x2)

Sample tune:

Upper; ±1 octave


Upper; Reverse, Loop , Envelope x 6

Built-in effect:

Stereo delay, Stereo panning


Line out: L/R [Output impedance 2.2 KΩ Output voltage 600 mV (RMS) MAX], headphone jack,
Line in/Sampling [input impedance: 100 kΩ Input sensitivity 100 mV], AC adaptor jack (DC 9V)

Tuning control:

Upper; A4 - 442 Hz ±30 cents,     Lower; A4 - 442 Hz ±30 cents

Built-in speakers:

10 cm dia x 2

Auto power off function:

approximately 6 minutes after last operation

Power source:

3-way AC/DC power source;

  • AC: 100, 117, 220, 240 V (±10 V), 50/60 Hz, with optional AD-5 AC adaptor

  • DC: 6 D size (SUM-1/R20P) manganese dry batteries
    Battery life: Approximately 7 hours

  • Car battery: Requires optional CA-5 car adaptor

Power consumption:

7 W

Item Dimensions:

765(W) x 319(D) x 85(H)mm

Item Weight:

4.5 Kg (10 lbs) including batteries

Package Dimensions:

850(W) x 380(D) x 140(H)mm

Total Packaging Weight

5 Kg (11 lbs)

Standard accessories:

6 "D" size batteries

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